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About Roadkill Media

Roadkill Media is an advertising agency that uses freight-branding as an advertising medium.

Based in Cape Town, Roadkill Media has designated companies throughout South Africa that specialize in manufacturing, printing, installation, and repair of all materials with as little downtime for vehicles as possible.

Roadkill Media has also partnered with fleet companies around South Africa to make it possible for your ads or brand to be seen in any city, town or road around the country (depending on your preferred package).

How RM was first started?

With truck branding costing as little as 5 cents per impression, Roadkill Media offers an excellent alternative to the highly competitive digital marketing space. Started in November 2018 by Nico- and Anina Basson, together with Lain Mackintosh and Suzan McCreadie, the company aims to take advertising to the streets. They’ve come up with a no-nonsense, on-the-go service, taking on billboard advertising and other truck branding companies advertising renting branded trucks on a monthly basis. This will take your brand right to your target audience’s doorstep and offers and offers a way out of the online space where companies are virtually pushing each other of the screen. The foursome boasts vast experience as entrepreneurs and marketers in various industries.

About the owners

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Nico Basson
Partner & Production

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Iain Mckintosh
Partner & Sales

Iain Mackintosh is the Director at Out of Africa Procurement & Logistics and a shareholder at Southern Blue Media. In both these companies, Iain fills the role of Business Development Specialist.

In the past, Iain has also worked as a Sales Portforlio Manager, at Easitape (Pty) Ltd.

Suzan McCreadie
Partner & Marketing consultant

Suzan McCreadie is the Managing Director of INKFISH Digital Marketing, a company which renders digital marketing as well as web and graphic design services. The company has clients in South Africa and many other parts of the world. Suzan is also the owner of Green Girl, an online shop for organic goods. Additionally, she functions as a Digital Marketing Consultant at Eco Paint Solutions.

In the last ten to eleven years, Suzan has also worked for:

  • Damayan Virtual Admin Services – Partner, client support
  • Rothko Design Marketing PR – Creative Director / Studio Manager

Anina Basson

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